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Are you currently on vacation and thought to yourself "you know... I could really live here." Would you like to make the Riviera Maya your new home? Don't waste another minute! The Live It Tour Express is your first step to becoming a home owner in Mexico. Explore the neighborhoods, view multiple properties and enjoy dinner on us. Let us show you how safe and easy it is to buy property in Mexico with Top Mexico Real Estate by your side. Call us and we'll pick you up!

Call us and we'll pick you up!

Playa del Carmen

Starting at 9 am & 1 pm Daily

*Explore different neighborhoods

*View multiple properties

*Learn about the buying process

*Enjoy a gourmet lunch or dinner

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The Live It Tour Express can be booked until 8:00 pm the night before the tour.

*Note: If you are touring with kids please mention in the notes to make the necessary preparations.

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Playa del Carmen

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